Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax planning

Why pay tax twice? It is likely that you have already paid a significant amount of tax on your hard earned assets; we ensure that your assets aren’t taxed twice.

Who pays inheritance tax?

Many people unwittingly fall into the inheritance tax trap. The increase in property values in recent years means that many people will leave estates liable to inheritance tax. It’s natural to want choice over what happens to your estate when you die, and nobody wants to pay more tax than they need to.

There are various ways to reduce the amount of inheritance tax your estate will be liable for, such as gifts and family trusts. The more you plan ahead, the more flexibility you have in choosing options that reflect your wishes.

More than just tax planning:

Inheritance tax is a complex area and expert advice is needed on a variety of options for your assets. It’s often not simply a matter of minimising tax liabilities but ensuring that your assets are passed as you wish.

We consistently provide tailored advice for clients in the following areas:

  • The best way to help grandchildren fund education costs
  • Preserving family wealth for future generations
  • Protecting trust assets against future claims eg in case of divorce
  • How best to keep assets out of local authority hands if care fees become an issue