About Us

About Us

The Independent Asset Management Company was founded in 2001. Partners Steve Whiteway, Symon Parkin and Bruce Rowland-Smith had spent many years working for large financial institutions and we held the firm belief that we could provide a better and more cost effective solution for our clients within a smaller organisation.

The name was chosen to reaffirm our belief that a truly “independent” approach to investment and financial planning produced superior results, and that is after all what investors strive for. Our offices are located in the centre of Grange over Sands which is easily accessible by car or by train, should clients wish to arrange a mutually convenient appointment. Alternatively, we are happy to meet clients at their workplace or home.

The business has grown steadily since inception and is now supported by many prominent local Solicitors and Accountants, who are happy to recommend their clients to The Independent Asset Management Company where financial or investment advice is required.

Our Approach to Investing

As with most things in life when it comes to investment there really is no substitute for experience. We have many years of it, twenty three years for each of our advisers on average! This doesn’t mean of course that we can predict the future, but it does mean that we know better than to try. You may think that this is a strange statement to make but it is still what most investors do albeit in a subconscious manner.

Instead we set out to avoid major pitfalls. No investment is entirely risk free, but we pride ourselves in our ability to spot and avoid the unacceptable risks. When the world’s most revered investor, Warren Buffett, was asked for his rules for successful investing he famously replied, “Rule No. 1 Don’t lose money”, “Rule No. 2 Never forget Rule No. 1”.

Our approach is to provide our clients with a genuinely well diversified investment portfolio individually tailored to their risk profile and objectives. We have no allegiance to any particular company, but there are funds and fund managers which we have held through thick and thin, and which have stood the test of time. We take the same approach whether your funds are held in Pensions, ISA’s or personal investment portfolios because it is ultimately the underlying investment performance that matters.

If your funds are held on our Wealth Management Service, our up to date systems and technology enable us to manage your portfolio more efficiently than ever and this provides our clients with access to real time valuations and other information on their account at anytime using their own secure unique login and password.

For more information how we accomplish this please read the section on our Wealth Management Service.